How FastPatch Became an Innovative Solution for Concrete Repair

FastPatchDPROur roots are in wood products, but the Willamette Valley Company is much more than that. We are also leaders in providing high-performance solutions in a range of industries. Just over a decade ago, our company was approached by key transportation professionals who needed fast-curing and ultra-tough materials for repairing roadways and bridges. They were weary of antiquated repair materials that were non-flexible, required water, and were labor intensive to install.

Our solution? FastPatch.

The introduction of this groundbreaking line of concrete repair solutions was a significant leap forward in technology. The product proved to outperform and outlast traditional products, plus it was easier to install with our custom dispensing machine and easy-to-use kits.

FastPatch been approved by government agencies all over the United States for service on major highways and has been used to repair airports, highways, bridges, railroads, and other various applications throughout the United States and around the world. Its products can repair everything from broken concrete and asphalt, spalls, potholes, joints, driveways, highways, bridge decks, parking lots, Cracks slab repairs, ramps and loading docks, warehouse floors, post anchors, and trip hazards. It has been used by everyone from Public Works & Engineering/Construction industry professionals to home improvement “DIYers”.

To reduce waste, FastPatch uses recycled and renewable materials to repair existing materials. It is 100% solids and does not contain any volatile chemicals. Repairing with FastPatch, rather than removal, eliminates disposal costs and excess waste. FastPatch DPR (Distressed Pavement Repair) for example, is created from 80% recycled and renewable materials. Over 50 bottles of recycled glass are used in a single kit and the polymer is a blend of renewable bio-based materials.

A case study performed on Caltrans Maintenance in Santee, CA  states “FastPatch is easily dispensed, fast curing, flexible, and has excellent adhesion. Currently, there is not a material on the market that can do the same thing as FASTPATCH and have the color of concrete. FastPatch is cold applied and allows Maintenance to repair all concrete distresses in the lane closure, which includes Spalls, Corner breaks, First & Third stage crack, and transverse & longitudinal joints.” –

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