Eclectic Products Brings New and Improved Products to the World of DIY

Eclectic Products, Inc., a subsidiary of the Willamette Valley Company, has recently launched two very exciting products!

Last summer, the company announced the addition of the ULTIMATE repair glue, Amazing GOOP® II Max, to it’s superior range of adhesives and do-it-yourself products like Amazing GOOP Adhesives ®, E6000 ®, Shoe GOO ®, Seal-All ®, and FAMOWOOD ® just to name a few.  And just this month, Eclectic Products introduced it’s newest innovation, Allure Adhesive Paints, a permanent, multi-dimensional adhesive paint.

The new Amazing GOOP II Max is part of the Amazing GOOP family, but with EVEN MORE features. Eclectic’s new formula will provide maximum impact resistance and maximum flexibility. UV inhibitors have been added to ensure high quality performance in extreme outdoor conditions. The adhesive is also formulated to be waterproof and will not crack or become brittle when exposed to even the toughest elements. It’s toughness is unlike anything else because it remains flexible while permanently bonding virtually any material and withstanding harsh environmental elements.

Allure Adhesive Paints are made from pure pigments and formulated with TechniSheen™ color enhancing technology to give your projects incredible vibrancy. They can also be used on multiple surfaces like fabric, and are Washer/Dryer safe. These acid free paints are ideal for crafting and retain their dimensional shape. Whatever color and design combinations you can imagine – you can create!

To see how it works, check out this video of Mark Montano using the new paints in this How To video:

About Eclectic Products, Inc.
Headquartered in Eugene, Oregon, Eclectic Products specializes in adhesive/patch/coatings and repair products ranging from 0.18 oz. tubes to industrial totes and drums. The company offers powerful brands with exceptional performance and high-level technical R&D abilities. Eclectic Products has earned numerous awards for product performance, innovative design and excellence from organizations such as the National Retail Hardware Association, HGTV Magazine and Handyman Magazine. Eclectic’s manufacturing facility based in Pineville, Louisiana has also been recognized by the State of Louisiana for demonstrating exceptional quality of work and a commitment to community. All products are proudly made in the U.S.A.


Improve Your Outdoor Space Quickly and Inexpensively this Summer

Now that warm weather is here, it’s time to take inventory of your outdoor living space and tools. Fortunately, there are products available that can save you money as you get your outdoor space ready for summer, such as Amazing GOOP® Lawn & Garden and FAMOWOOD® Wood Filler by Eclectic Products.

All you need is your imagination and a tube of this versatile one-part adhesive. Here are 7 simple ways you can get your outdoor paradise ready for summer:

1. Before you begin, stand back and take a look around your backyard like you’re seeing it for the first time. Take note of the condition of canvas cushions, umbrellas, garden tools, patio furniture, screens, flower pots, etc.

2. Decide what is too shabby to save and get rid of it. Clean away all “trash” and clutter like empty plastic flowerpots, debris around the barbecue area or old tools leaning against the house.

3. Paint inexpensive chairs and tables in bright colors to add a touch of whimsy and fun.

4. Add a bright and inexpensive outdoor rug adds to instant warmth and style.

5. Use FAMOWOOD® Original Wood Filler to mask small or large defects in wooden fences, decks, porches and swings. Watch this video to learn more:

6. Use Amazing GOOP ®Lawn & Garden to

*Turn an old table into a beautiful mosaic with some broken china

*Repair tears in canvas umbrellas and chair upholstery. It won’t chip or flake off because it dries to a rubbery, flexible finish that moves with the material.

*Repair garden tools by bonding wooden handles to metal tool parts.

*Repair other yard items such as gloves, sprinklers and drip system hoses, gutters and downspouts. For maximum ultraviolet protection, paint over it after it has cured.

*Mend small tears in window and door screens and fix cement ponds and birdbaths.

*Create a non-slip surface for tool handles.

7. Get crafty! Add a personal touch to your space by “GOOP-ing” outdoor craft projects such as custom flower pots, ceramic wind chimes, plant holders, decorated birdhouses, jeweled candle holders and so much more. Click here for ideas.

About Amazing GOOP® Lawn & Garden
Amazing GOOP® Lawn & Garden is one of the strongest and most versatile one part adhesives available, the product replaces glues, paste, rubber contact cement, and silicone and patch kits. It is unsurpassed for permanently repairing, mending, and sealing, and for bonding two different materials together. It is ready to use right out of the tube and easy to apply. Use it on almost any material — wicker, wood, metal, glass, ceramic, rubber, cement, leather, marble, plastic, PVC/ABS, tile, vinyl, and even fabric — repair it, bond it to another material or just glue it back together. But with the right adhesive, it’s no longer necessary to replace those cracked hoses, ripped deck umbrellas or loose tiles– simply pull out a tube of Amazing GOOP® Lawn & Garden to bond it, seal it or repair it and save some money. is the perfect adhesive for all outdoor-related projects because of its ability to repair, seal, and bond to a wide variety of materials including wood, metal, cement, ceramic, brick, rubber, canvas and vinyl.

Amazing GOOP ®Lawn & Garden is available i most home improvement and hardware stores, For more information about fast and easy repair of almost anything with one part adhesives, visit

Article source: Quick and Inexpensive Tips to Beautify Your Backyard

photo credit: Landscape Design Advisor via photopin cc

Company News: Eclectic Products Opens New Manufacturing Facility in Louisiana

John Harrison, President and CEO of Willamette Valley Company joins Bill Clark, COO of Eclectic Products, Inc. and many other distinguished guests to celebrate opening of new Eclectic Products, Inc. facility.

Last month, John Harrison, President and CEO of Willamette Valley Company, traveled to Pineville, Louisiana to celebrate the opening of a new 28,000 square foot manufacturing building at the Eclectic Products, Inc. manufacturing campus.

Eclectic Products, Inc., a subsidiary of the Willamette Valley Company, manufactures a range of adhesives and various do-it-yourself products for residential and commercial customers including Amazing Goop, E-6000, Famowood and Wood-Tex, are available in over 35,000 stores worldwide. Eclectic Products also offers various wood fillers, epoxies and coatings, and oil and gas resistant adhesives.

The new facility is expected to increase productivity and add new jobs to the existing 88 jobs already on site. “This expansion is another concrete example of our continued commitment to our customers, the state, and local community for a long time to come,” Mr. Harrison said.

Mr. Harrison was joined by Bill Clark, COO of Eclectic Products, Inc. and many other distinguished guests including Mayor Clarence Fields, of Pineville; Mayor Jonathan Dean, of Ball; Jim Clinton, President and CEO of the Central Louisiana Economic Development Association (CLEDA), and Janile Parks of Louisiana Economic Development.

Here is what they had to say about this exciting development:
“Eclectic Products is another great example of a hidden jewel in Central Louisiana that most citizens aren’t even aware is located here. But if you do any kind of woodworking, crafting or just a do-it-yourselfer, you have used a product manufactured locally at Eclectic Products. Eclectic has always been a big part of our community and this new plant helps ‘seal’ their presence here for many more years to come.” – Mayor Clarence Fields

“We are delighted that Eclectic has chosen Central Louisiana in which to expand their operations. The Town of Ball looks forward to a productive relationship that results in prosperity for Eclectic and our area. We are thankful for the efforts of CLEDA , the State of Louisiana and the Business Community for making economic development happen.” -Mayor Jonathan Dean

“The best chance to grow jobs and investment in our region is always with our fine existing companies. Both Louisiana Economic Development and CLEDA have increased focus and support for the expansion of the manufacturing base. We thank Willamette Valley Company and Eclectic Products for choosing to grow with us in Central Louisiana.”- Jim Clinton, President & CEO of the Central Louisiana Economic Development Alliance.

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