What does WVCO have to do with potatoes? More than you think!

We may be known for our innovations in wood products, railroad maintenance productsconcrete repair solutions and automated systems, but did you know our capabilities extend beyond these industries including agriculture?

You may be surprised to learn that WVCO is the premier supplier of potato seed treatment bark flours. In fact, nearly all potato seed grown in North America is coated with our product which helps protect the newly planted seed.

Potatoes have been an integral part of much of the world’s food supply for centuries and is the world’s fourth largest food crop, following rice, wheat, and maize. Here are some other quick facts about this important crop that you may not have known:

• The word potato comes from the Spanish word patata.

• The potato is known to produce more food per unit area of land planted than any other major-planted crop.

• There are thousands of different potato varieties but the most popular ones include Russet, Yukon Gold, Kennebec, Desiree and Fingerling.

• In October 1995, the potato became the first vegetable to be grown in space. NASA and the University of Wisconsin, Madison, created the technology with the goal of feeding astronauts on long space voyages, and eventually, feeding future space colonies.

• North Dakota produces over 2.7 billion pounds of potatoes annually, while Minnesota is not far behind at 2.3 billion pounds! The states of Idaho and Washington produce nearly half of the U.S. potato crop.

Our eco-friendly product line includes Agri-Fil Premium Douglas Fir which protects the seed potato before and after planting by drying and sealing the cut areas. Other agriculture products include Agri-Fil Premium Alder which is manufactured to exacting standards (this is critical to ensuring performance in the field).

Applications include organic treatments, dispersement of dry chemicals like fungicide, and a drying agent to follow up wet seed treatment.

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