Product Spotlight: FastPatch HPRE-MD

FastPatch HPRE-MD

“We view our customers as partners and products we provide as solutions. Solutions that grow from our core value of partnering through service, innovation, and integrity. The successful development and superior performance of FastPatch over traditional materials is a direct result of our listening to our customer’s needs, applying our innovation formulating and customer dispensing equipment, and following through with our commitments in this partnership.” -WVCO’s FastPatch Division

FastPatch Systems, one of the world’s leading solutions for pavement preservation, was created and produced by the Performance Products Division of Willamette Company (WVCO) over a decade ago. Its products can repair everything from broken concrete and asphalt, spalls, potholes, joints, driveways, highways, bridge decks, parking lots, cracks, slab repairs, ramps and loading docks, warehouse floors, post anchors, and trip hazards. The introduction of this groundbreaking line of concrete repair solutions proved to outperform and outlast traditional products, plus it was easier to install with our custom dispensing machine and easy-to-use kits.

One of the newest additions to the FastPatch line is HPRE-MD (High-Performance Rail Encapsulator – Meter Dispensed), a composite polyurethane, rail encapsulation system with patent pending integrated aggregate. HPRE-MD is specifically designed for embedded rail applications and provides excellent electrical isolation, resilience, and vibration and sound damping. Watch this video to see how it works:

FastPatch HPRE-MD from FastPatch Systems on Vimeo.

Features and Benefits Include
• Rapid cure – fast return to service
• 100% Solids, No Odor or VOC
• Integrated Aggregate – no need for gravel bags
• Excellent Concrete Adhesion
• Electrical Isolation
• Sound and Vibration Damping
• Self-leveling
• 4.0 gal/min application rate from WV-651 at 70°F

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About FastPatch
FastPatch products outperform and outlast traditional products. Plus they are faster and easier to install with our custom dispensing machine and easy-to-use kits. FastPatch products are produced by Willamette Valley Company, a leading-edge, privately-owned multinational corporation that manufactures a wide variety of custom products for use throughout the United States, Europe, Canada, Asia, Australia, and South America.