Willamette Valley Company Releases New Wood Product Solutions Demonstration Video!

We can always tell you about our innovative wood products solutions, including patches, fillers, extenders, coatings, inks, abrasives, tapes, and a wide variety of outstanding application equipment and parts. But why not show you?

We understand that time is valuable, so thanks to the power of social media and web video, it is easier and faster than ever to demonstrate Willamette Valley Company products.

Our newest video demonstrates some of our core chemical, equipment and service solutions for the wood products industry in just five minutes. Let us know what you think!

WVCO is a globally recognized leader for defect repair systems for all grades, species and types of wood based panels.  We are the largest and most diverse producer of putty products, complete with brands such as FAMOWOOD and WOOD-TEX to serve furniture, cabinet, window, sash and door, and marine industries.

Willamette Valley Company Seeks Distributors for Lumber Manufacturing Companies in India

WVCO recently announced plans to expand our wood solutions products and services to companies in India and are currently seeking distributors. Our goal is to develop relationships with manufacturers and the organizations responsible for testing, certifying, and establishing standards in India.

Since 1952, the Willamette Valley Company has been a leading innovator in the wood, industry in the United States and abroad.   This video demonstrates some of our core products such as synthetic patch, epoxy, coatings/paints/sealers, and custom robotic applications.

WCVO is the world’s largest and most diverse producer of putty products, complete with brands such as FAMOWOOD and WOOD-TEX to serve furniture, cabinet, window, sash and door, and marine industries.  We are also known for repairing defects and upgrading the value of wood products; offering environmentally friendly water-based putties, plural component polyurethane and epoxy systems for cost efficient high-volume performance; protective coatings and inks, fillers and extender products for glue mixes; all the vital supplies for panel products and more.


LIGNA 2013 Shows the Way Forward for the World’s Forest and Wood Industries

“Making more out of wood: Innovations, Solutions, Efficiency” was the official motto for LIGNA 2013, the world’s premier trade fair for the forestry and wood industries that took place earlier this month in Hannover, Germany.

Around 1,800 companies from 50 countries (including Willamette Valley Company) gathered May 6th-10th, 2013 to present their latest services and technologies at the LIGNA to more than 90,000 trade visitors from 90+ countries.

LIGNA 2013 featured the greatest concentration of groundbreaking innovations and technological advances the industry has seen to date.

The displays on the open-air site and in the pavilions under the Expo canopy covered the full range of forestry and harvesting technologies – from harvesting and haulage systems and forestry vehicles through to forestry tools and equipment.

Article Source: Modern Woodwork India


Around the World in 20 Days!

WVCO has been all over the map these days!

This has been a very busy Spring for Willamette Valley Company! Delegates from our Railroad, Wood Products and Concrete divisions have been traveling across the globe meeting with familiar and new faces as they presented WVCO solutions and products.

From Atlanta to London…from Portland to Hannover……and finally on to Coronado, California…we are so thrilled to be a part of these leading industry events!  Here is a summary of the places where WVCO has appeared so far:

April 23rd-25th, 2013 Portland, Oregon
WVCO began it’s “world tour” just up I-5 in Portland, Oregon when our representatives from our concrete division exhibited at The Pacific Northwest Bridge Inspectors Conference. Our reps had the opportunity to meet directly with bridge inspectors and managers from around the country and demonstrated how they can utilize our concrete repair products in bridge restoration projects. We thoroughly enjoyed our time at the conference in Portland!

April 27th to May 1st, 2013: Atlanta, GA
Members from our Railroad Division team flew to Atlanta, Georgia for the American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association Annual Convention. This is the railroad industry’s premier education and networking event and we were thrilled to present our products, including SpikeFast. This convention was particularly meaningful this year as it marked ASLRRA’s 100th anniversary!

April 30th-May 2nd, 2013 London, England
Members from our Railroad Division also flew across the “pond” to exhibit our products and at the Railtex 2013 Exhibition in London. Railtex is the UK’s leading showcase for products and services for all sectors of the rail market in the UK. It is held biennially and has successfully served the industry for 20 years. Being given the opportunity to be Keynote speakers at the Railtex 2013, paid for the trip. The UK rail market’s new exposure to SpikeFast was received wholeheartedly compared to their current repair methods. We are very excited to follow up on the numerous leads from the UK, Poland, Sri Lanka and the Baltic States.

Willamette Valley Company representatives Railtex 2013 from Booth H33 in London!

May 6th-10th, 2013 Hannover, Germany
Members of WVCO Wood Products flew to Hannover, Germany to be part of LIGNA, the world’s leading trade fair for the forestry and wood industries.  This annual event attracts representatives from the wood processing industry, carpentry, mechanical engineering, sawmill and wood industry, forestry from all over the world! With over 1,765 exhibitors and 90,000 visitors in attendance, it was very exciting to present innovations and solutions to meet the growing needs of the industry.

WVCO exhibitting at LIGNA in Germany

May 8th-10th, 2013 Coronado, California
Representatives from our concrete division are demonstrating the benefits of using POLYQuick products with representatives from regional state and local highway agencies, provincial transport agencies, industry, suppliers, consultants, and academia at the Western Bridge Preservation Partnership Annual Meeting!

Globe photo credit: Absolute Chaos via photopin cc