Five out of Six Major Railroads Agree, SpikeFast® is the Leading Spike-Hole Filler in the Industry

For more than 180 years, the railroad industry has played a critical role in our economy and abroad.

“From the food on our tables to the cars we drive to the shoes on our children’s feet, freight railroads carry the things America depends on…. Every year, America’s freight railroads save consumers billions of dollars while reducing energy consumption and pollution, lowering greenhouse gas emissions, cutting highway gridlock, and reducing the high costs of highway construction and maintenance. In addition, America’s freight railroads sustain 1.2 million jobs, including more than 175,000 well-paying jobs in the freight rail industry itself”. From The Economic Impact of America’s Freight Railroads 

The importance of this industry and the many challenges it faces has inspired Willamette Valley Company’s Railroad Division to provide solutions for today’s modern railroads, particularly maintenance.

Wooden railroad ties are used on many traditional railways and before 1999, the only spike-hole plugging products on the market for wood-tie remediation were wooden plugs and a rigid foam product. While these products were effective, they presented numerous challenges to railroad maintenance crews. They needed spike-hole plugging products that could last longer and perform well in extreme weather conditions, including heavy rain, freezing temperatures and high humidity.

A new design concept was needed.

WVCO’s Railroad Division responded to this need and developed and engineered a new solution, SpikeFast, a dual-component, non-foam polyurethane product.

14 years later, SpikeFast® is being used by five of the six major railroads. Maintenance crews are more efficient because SpikeFast® gives them the ability to re-spike more rails in less time and the product that lasts longer than any alternative.

In fact, performance tests commissioned by national railroads indicate that SpikeFast® is the leading spike-hole filler in the railroad industry. Click here to see these performance tests and their results.

photo credit: aka Jens Rost via photopin cc

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