Step Up Your Halloween Decorating Game with These Easy Craft Projects


Chillier weather and the changing colors on the leaves means that autumn is here, the holiday season is just weeks away and it’s time to get “crafty”!  October is the month with perhaps the most craft-focused holiday of all, Halloween.

Ready to step up your spooky decoration game this year? Here are some simple Halloween projects you can take on this weekend using Ecclectic products and adhesives.

DYI Halloween Skulls

Nothing says Halloween like spooky skulls, does it? These Dazzling Halloween Skulls will add some much needed scares to your home. With their sugar skull design you can also use them as Dia de los Muertos decorations!

Creepy Spiderweb Vases

Spiderweb vases complete with giant spiders? A must-have for your next Halloween party!

Custom Day of the Dead Plate

Dia de los Muertos begins right after Halloween! These stylish plates are bound to be a hit.

Eeeek! Anatomical Paper Mache Hearts

It wouldn’t be Halloween without a good scare, and these creepy decorations resembling human human hearts will certainly deliver.

With our friend Mark Montano and our very own Eclectic Products, there is no shortage of DIY projects that you can undertake. Check back soon for more fun DIY and Craft projects and tips!

About Eclectic Products, Inc.

Headquartered in Eugene, Oregon, Eclectic Products specializes in adhesive/patch/coatings and repair products ranging from 0.18 oz. tubes to industrial totes and drums. The company offers powerful brands with exceptional performance and high-level technical R&D abilities. Eclectic Products has earned numerous awards for product performance, innovative design and excellence from organizations such as theNational Retail Hardware Association, HGTV Magazine and Handyman Magazine. Eclectic’s manufacturing facility based in Pineville, Louisiana has also been recognized by the State of Louisiana for demonstrating exceptional quality of work and a commitment to community. All products are proudly made in the U.S.A.

Master the Art with Mark Montano

Mark Montano

“It feels natural for me to be creating and making. I get depressed if I’m not in the middle of a project to be honest.” – Mark Montano

Mark Montano is literally a man of many hats. Just look at his resume; he’s been an interior designer, a clothing designer, a TV host for The Style Network and The Learning Channel, a columnist, a published author, and most recently a youtube-hit with his channel, Make Your Mark where he frequently uses our favorite craft glues (like the E6000 line) and other DIY products from our very own Eclectic Products.

Mark’s passion and infectious creativity have brought success in every medium he’s immersed himself in, but it’s his desire to inspire others that have truly brought him to the limelight.

It all began at the young age of 14 when Montano aided his mother and aunts in the sewing of their clothing. “Sewing is so wonderful and meditational. Since I was from a small town with no real way to get great clothes, I had to make them and that’s what I did.” Years later this very mindset took him to acquire a masters in Costume History from the Fashion Institute of Technology. Paired with his Bachelors degree in business, Montano was ready to take the design world by storm.

Mark Montano went on to intern for Oscar de la Renta and found himself in the heart of design world. His New York surroundings inspired his work and became a staple of the boutique he established. His creative sensibilities would soon find a very different audience than the high fashion world of New York when he took on the position of contributing editor for Cosmo Girl! Magazine. His design tips helped define many a teenage girl room from that moment onward.

It was his transition to TV, however, that truly brought Mark to the everyone’s homes and face to face (so the speak). As a designer on the hit TLC show While You Were Out, Mark Montano would transform people’s homes while they were away for the weekend. By the time he became host of My Celebrity Home, it was hard not to recognize Mark Montano’s unique style and vibrant attitude.

Mr. Montano is a thoroughly creative individual, one with the unwavering capacity to master whichever medium he embraces. It’s his gift for sharing, however, that truly renders him incomparable from so many other creatives. From his Cosmo Girl! tips to his design shows to his YouTube Channel, Mark has always done everything in his power to inspire others to create and to give them the tools to do so. We name him our “Featured Innovator of the Month” and look forward to sharing more videos and tips from Mark in the future. Don’t forget, you can always find the latest from Mark Montano in his Youtube Channel. Now, go create something!

Note: Mark Montano does not work for Willamette Valley Company.



Time to Get Crafty! Make Your Own Mixed Media Desk Accessories with E-6000 Spray Adhesive

HOW TO Make Mixed Media Desk Accessories

Are you wondering what to get your loved ones for Christmas this year? Consider a giving a handmade gift! Handmade gifts are a great way to save money and while giving a special one-of-a-kind gift. All you need is a little creativity and the right tools, like craft glue!

Our friends at Eclectic Products, Inc. are a great resource for ideas and instructions for fun crafts this year. Here is a simple idea to get you started:

In this episode of the “Make Your Mark” Web Series, author and craft guru, Mark Montano, uses E-6000 Spray Adhesive along with leftover scraps and jewelry pieces to make adorable recycled mixed media desk in this video. Watch below:

Designer, Crafter & Author

Mark uses Amazing GOOP and E6000 in his craft books and public appearances. Crafting is a big part of Mark’s life and he enjoys sharing and encouraging everyone to have fun with your projects. Have fun crafting and enjoy the crafts from Mark and others. Follow these links to more videos of Mark using E6000 Spray Adhesive!
WATCH NOW Lampshade
WATCH NOW Gold Leaf Bracelets

About The Eclectic Products, Inc.
The Eclectic Products, Inc. AMAZING CRAFT Adhesives are a complete collection of products for every project imaginable. Eclectic Products, a subsidiary of Willamette Valley Company, manufactures adhesives, wood fillers, and do-it-yourself products for home and commercial use.


Last Minute DIY Holiday Craft Ideas from Eclectic Products, Inc.

Still looking for an easy craft project for holiday gifts?  Handmade gifts are a great way to save money and give someone a special one-of-a-kind gift. All you need is a little creativity and the right tools, like craft glue!

Our friends at Eclectic Products, Inc. have been hard at work sharing new ideas and resources for fun crafts this year. If you are looking for some last minute handmade gift ideas, you will find some great ideas on 

Here are some examples of great handmade crafts you can do this weekend using E6000® Craft Adhesive:

DIY Holiday Serving Pieces and Treats on

• Fabulous serving tray made with E6000 (pictured above)!

• Lace Pillow Project

• Glitter ‘N Glue’s DIY Bracelet-Easy and quick way to create a fabulous piece of jewelry!

• Gorgeous Chandelier Lamp (psst…it’s ridiculously easy!)

Gingerbread House {Christmas Crafts} from

•Gingerbread House {Christmas Crafts} pictured above

Photo Source:

•Junk Drawer Crafts (pictured above)

•Recycled Paper Jewelry by Mark Montano (E6000 is incredibly strong on metal…a perfect choice for this jewelry project!

• Kristen Turner’s jeweled clutch makeover

• Mark Montano’s Faux Flower Lapel Pins

Photo source

• Diy Rose Beaded Necklace (pictured above)

Click here to see more Craft Projects using E-600 Glue

The Eclectic Products, Inc. AMAZING CRAFT Adhesives are a complete collection of products for every project imaginable. Here are just a few of the ways that these Craft adhesives can help your projects, large and small.

• Repair metal & plastic jewelry
• Set stones & gems into decoration

• Repair metal & plastic jewelry
• Adhere stones & gems
• Quick Dry formula

Craft Glue Packs
• Handy size tube (0.18 oz)
• Fix most anything right on the spot
• Aheres to a variety of substances

E6000® Craft
• Embellish craft projects
• Attach charms to photo books
• Assemble silk floral arrangements

• Shoe Art Glue
• Permanently bond most any type of
decorative item to your shoe surfaces

• Precision tips included

E6000® SPRAY
• Clean up with water

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